Cam almeida

Artist. Illustration. PaintingContact at [email protected]click for Commission Info

terms of service

click here to read my Terms of Serviceby requesting a commission you have agreed with all the terms

price table


One set of color, besides black (or the darkest color) and white (or the lightest color). Some color accents allowed.Base price $20More samples

Simple colors

Simple palette and simple textures (usually up to 10 colors)Base price $40More samples

full painting

Full arrange of colors. Complex shadings and lightings. Detailed shapes and textures. Many coloring styles avaiable.Contact me for pricingMore samples

terms of service

- This is valid for digital art only
- Prices may increase according to the complexity of the request
- I may post the commissioned piece on my social media accounts, unless agreed otherwise
- Payment via Paypal (USD)
- I reserve the right to deny any request
- Personal use unless agreed otherwise. Commercial use will require further discussion on the pricing
- Post with credits only. I DO NOT allow posting any of commissioned piece WITHOUT credits (if in doubt, ask me my social media handles)
- By requesting a commission you agree with all the terms above
I will most gladly do:
- Fanarts
- OCs
- Real people
- Humanoid characters
- Ships/couples
- Implied NSFW (nude figures are usually fine)
I won't do:
- Hateful and/or any problematic content (at my discretion)
- Highly detailed backgrounds
- Explicit NSFW/porn
Feel free to contact me if you have any question.
- Email: [email protected]
- Discord: camssic